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DynaMop®Stepper Foot Pedal Set

DynaMop® Stepper Foot Pedal Model


DynaMop® Stepper Model 360°Centrifugal Spin Mop is one of our most popular model.  


Our newer model foot pedal spin mop leads the industry to feature a flipper/planetary style spinning mechanism and be the only one to be free from the ball-bearings dependency.  The patented device is so constructed that it is never-rusting, non-abrasive spin, non-stripping gear sets so it is ever-lasting and life-time warranted to be fully functional until the bucket "kicks the bucket".  There's absolutely no other spin mop to come anywhere close to our quality level.


In the lab test found this new unique device to be "no damage found" at completion of 250,000 pedalings compared to ball bearings to fail the 20,000 pedaling steps.  That's more than 12.5 times longer lasting, which gave us reason to be the world's only spin mop to have the lifetime warranty on spinning mechanism.



Unique Advantages

  • High torque, high 2500rpm spin to dry mop-head to any desirable dampness (more dryness than laundry coming out of washing machines).
  • 360° mop-head reaches into corners, low furnitures, under the bed, etc., picking up dusts well.  Effective centrifugal spin drying to get mop-head to any desirable dryness, great for all floor types including hardwood floors, leaving no streaks.  Best in saving time and efforts, never need to touch by hand, make mopping easy,and even pleasurable.



By far the best quality, most sturdy and largely longer lasting spin mop of the world, DynaMop® gives mopping a new meaning.  





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