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DynaMop® Plunger Hand Pressing Set

DynaMop®Plunger Hand-Pressing Set

Highest Spin  ( 3500 rpm, compared to 1000 rpm )
Greatest Torque (28ψm/m)
Effortless Ease (Best Utilization of Leverage, Easy Light pressing)
Most Durable (Sturdy, Never-to-rust, Longest lasting Spinner) 
 DynaMop® Spinning mechanism, the patented (U.S. Patent No. US 8,657,719 B2) DynaSpin­­™, best ulitize leverage to deliver 3500rpm super high spin speed and greatest centrifugal force.  This spinning devide that's built into the handle to enable spin drying of mophead is the GOLD Medal winner at the Paris International Invention Show & Contest.  The uncontested quality DynaSpin™ is far better in sturdiness and easiness in usage due to the superior [Double Spiral Blades/Clutch] spiner construction that is 5 times torque than the rest.



The original DynaMop® Premium 360°Centrifugal Force Spin Mop Series products are crafted by the top notch engineering team of the original developer/inventor.    DynaMop® brand spin mops are 100% well made in Taiwan under the company policy of [ High Value, Popular Pricing, Reasonable Profit ] .  This hand pressing "Plunger" model adopted the gold medalist spinning design that is currently the highest efficiency spinner of all spin mops.


This best of the world new version DynaMop®Plunger model is presented in the elegant champagne gold color bucket, sturdy high performance spin handle and always added value of 2 fluffy type microfiber mopheads.




Why choosing DynaMop® a must?!



Highest Performance Spiral Plates/Clutch Style Driver


DynaMop® possess the cutting edge technology in the spin mop developments.  The patented Clutch style spinning mechanism delivers 3 times more spin speed than the average spin mops.  DynaSpin™ is the only spinner to be free from dependency of one-way ball bearings and largely improved the wear and tear found in the ball bearings.  Our driver is free spun without contact as in the ball bearings and therefore the life expectancy is 10 times longer.  


All other spin mop makes are still depending upon the use of one-way ball-bearings for driver.




DynaSpin™Double Spiral Plates/Clutch style construction is fully patented in USA.  All other spin mop manufacturers are still dependent upon the one-way ball bearings.   Pictured below clearly illustrate how this unique construction over power the flimsy swirl blace/ball bearing combination.  The hidden defect of ball bearings is the stress and wear produced in high speed spinning while in contact.  



DynaSpin™ Hi-efficiency Spiral Plates/Clutch Mechanism
Typical Swirl blade/ball-bearing design

  DynaSpin™ delivers highest spin speed by least power used.  Hand pressing is easy and light weight, saving time and energy.  By comparison, the ball bearings suffer from excessive stress, wear and rust..





By Gear Pitch comparison, it is evident how DynaMop® spin speed is more than doubled the other brands.  The spiral plates working in conjunctin tieh the clutch swirls makes not only high speed spinning but also the energy savings from the best utilization of leverage.   










Open faced mop strands (Patented weaving technology applied)


Another patented technology from DynaMop® is applied in weaving our unique "Fluffy" type microfiber mophead.  We advaned from the traditional looped or braided type mophead to "Fluffy" that works better in picking up dirts in cracks and porus.  Moreover, the open-faced Fluffy foundamentally resolved the problem of dirts accumulated in the strands that's looped due to the fact that open-faced strands possesses greatest ability to release dirt when dipped into water.

This also explains how DynaMop® bucket never need to add the "agitator" and still far better to keep the strands cleaner than others. Technology superiority from our engineering team wins again. 




DynaMop® mop-head strands are open-faced to best release dirt in water.  It has been tested to dip the entire mop-head into mop and was successful to revert to the original state, such mud or dirt accumulation would be impossible to release from the loops or braids in the traditional type.  


The open-faced weaving technology is also patented by DynaMop® for exclusivity.



Advanced Open-faced Fluffy type strand
Traditional loops closed-up type strand



 In time dirt accumulated or stuck inside the loops cause the strands to be hardened and no longer absorbent.  Our fluffy type releases dirt well to keep strands clean without having to repeatedly rinsing by an "agitator".  


Safe to use with cleaners, bleach, ammonia, liquid polish, etc. and machine washable at low temperature (dryer not recommended).


Due to the open-faced weaving, there maybe loose lints at the tip of strands.  We suggest rinsing and spin drying 4-5 times in the spin basket and change fresh water when a new mop-head is being used for the very first time.  After the first use, such loose lints will no longer exist. 



 Newest and World's only "SPIKY" head to pick up hair effectively


U.S. Patent has been filed on 9/8/15 on this newest DynaMop® development.  Newest weaving technology and modified machinery enabled the combination of PP spikes into our advanced fluffy mophead to form this "SPIKY" head that is effective in picking up hair.


The innovative "Spiky" is the only microfiber mop-head to pick up hair, making it a great item especially for homes with pets. 






The SPIKY combined Spikes to our Patented Fluffy type microfiber mopheads, both are patented and uniquely DynaMop® exclusive developments.





15-Position Pivoted Mop-head Holder (Disc)


Thoughtful 15-position pivots keeps mop-head steady at comfortable mopping positions.  The 15 different angles makes it possible and convenient to reach up high for cleaning walls. doors, window sills or even car washing.  





Our 15-Position Pivots  vs.  Non-pivoted heads
 Other Brands

 See how a customer use DynaMop® to clean iron doors at storage units.




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