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Spin Mop was debuted in USA in May 2009 under the name of DynaMop®.  The trademark is formally registered with USPTO, filed on April 2009, fully approved and published on June 2010.
Until the inception of DynaMop in year 2009 JJX,LLC was set up in 2005 in Las Vegas, the Entertainment Capital of the World, to engage in restaurant, gift shops alongside with consumer product importing businesses.  Since then, the company directed its main course to the R&D of this revolutionary cleaning system.  DynaMop has been focusing on the area of technology to improve performance and durability of this fine product by relentless study and research to best utilize "Leverage".
From USA to the world, DynaMop, Inc. has been erected in 2011 in Taiwan with its engineering team to take over the Research & Development functions.
Each step of the way since 2009, the DynaMop® R&D team made progress in upgrading the spin mop product.  We have come a long way from our very first generation production in terms of improvements. 
A glance at the sequence of events: 
  • 2008 was the year the spin mop was put on our drawing board, moved onto the 3D design and prototype.  By year end mass production began to market our product in the local Taiwan market.
  • 2009 marked the year to introduce our first generation 360° centrifugal spin mop to USA.
  • 2010 first improvement made in upgrading to our patented (U.S. Patent No. US 8,739,347 B2) "planetary gear construction" which ensured the spinner to be the Non-Stripping Gears and spin at the speed of 1500rpm, highest in the than smaller industry of under a dozen manufacturers.
  • 2011 further improvements are made to remove the "one-way ball bearings" that was used to drive the spinning basket, thus prolonged the life of spinner more than 10 folds*.  This moved DynaMop®Stepper (the foot pedal model) to the third generation spin mop.
  • 2012 third generation Stepper (U.S. Patent No. 8,065,777 B2) is upgraded to the Ultimate world's only spin mop to be totally immersible.  In addition to the lifetime spinner, the unit was beefed up to nylon pedal, all around stainless steel metal parts, the new generation Stepper Ultimate is ecological friendly, hightened spin speed of 2500rpm and longest lasting.   This superior spinning mechanism known as DynaSpin™ was awarded the Silver Medal at the [Concours Lepine] 2012 Invention Contest, Paris, France.
  • 2013 R&D Team developed the 3000rpm highest spin Clutch style hand pressing spinning mechanism,  The new spinner is built into the mop handle to enable drying by hand pressing the handle itself and no foot padeling is needed.  CEO Mr. Hou led the delegation to receive the highest honor of GOLD Medal at the May 2013 renowned Paris International Invention Show and Contest.
  • 2014 U.S. Patent No. US 8,657,719 B2 awarded to DynaMop, Inc. for the invention of DynaSpin™ Spiral Plate/Clutch combination design.
  • 2015 DynaMop® R&D team designed new microfiber mop-head and worked in conjunction with engineers to modify weaving machinary to produce the "SPIKY' microfiber mophead that is effective in picking up hair and clean better at the same time. Application to the U;S. patent right is files on Sept. 8th this year.


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